About Jane Plum

Jane Plum is a family-run interiors business that, over the generations, has developed into a destination of wonderful home products. Sourced from quality designers and brands, all products are brought down to an affordable price tag. You needn’t fall behind on stylish home trends when prices are this good!

Transform your home into a space to be proud of, a sanctuary to retreat back to, and a space to show off to your friends and family. Get your home looking and feeling exactly how you want it to with the luxurious products sold at Jane Plum. With new lines from exclusive designers landing in store daily, no two visits to our stores are the same.

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Towels at Jane Plum

Catering to all styles and preferences, we offer great products and savings to all customers. With new deals, every day, venture away from the usual high street shops and department stores to invest in something a little more unique.

Visit one of our stores to experience our luxurious products and savings first hand! With amazing discounts throughout our stores, our products fly out as quickly as they flew in. We encourage all customers to come back regularly to keep up with our changing stock!

Cushions at Jane Plum